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Calendar View Integration in DOCOVA V5

You’ve built a new application for your client and they love it. You’re their hero. Two weeks later, they’re back with a list of enhancement questions and new ideas. This can happen regardless how many requirements gathering sessions you have. Once the system is in Production and all the users start accessing it, the requests start to come in.

One of these requests may be “Can we see the data in a Calendar format?”. For those of us that have spent many years building Notes applications, this was a fairly simple request, just create a new view and set the view style to Calendar and add your fields. With DOCOVA, we wanted to make sure that it was a simple request in DOCOVA App Builder as well, and we’ve done it!

Thanks to the jQuery platform and the FullCalendar open source plug-in (, we have been able to provide a powerful calendar layout that is completely integrated with App Builder.  A Calendar view can be added as easily as adding a standard grid view. A configuration option toggles between the two layouts.

When Calendar is selected, the available options are shown on the Calendar Settings tab

From there, you just need to assign your date fields to applicable view columns

This allows you to show the same data in a grid layout

…and a calendar layout

For more information on building applications in DOCOVA App Builder, visit

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Announcing DOCOVA SE V4.5 – Standards Edition

We are happy to announce that DOCOVA SQL Edition V4.5 is available to Business Partners.  This new release will be available to Customers late summer or early fall of this year.

In Q4 of last year we released DOCOVA V4.5 Standards Edition on the IBM Domino platform.  This release of the DOCOVA SQL Edition brings feature parity to all backend platforms offered by DOCOVA.  All of the powerful functionality that was contained in ActiveX/COM components in the past have been off-loaded into an optional plug-in allowing us to deliver a standard, cross-browser, zero-footprint and mobile implementation.

We are often asked if we will continue to offer the Domino based version of DOCOVA, and the answer is “Yes”.  Whether your organization wants to continue to leverage IBM Domino or migrate away from it to a relational platform like MS SQL Server or MySQL, DOCOVA is an excellent solution for both.

From a migration point of view, having DOCOVA on par across all platforms is critical.  If Customers decide to change their technology environment, the impact is minimal because the DOCOVA User interface stays the same.  This allows companies to perform migrations on a schedule that meets their own particular needs.

Check out the two images below.  Without looking at the browser address bar, can you tell which is DOCOVA on Domino vs DOCOVA SQL Edition?




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2015 – Year In Review

Companies have been moving away from IBM Notes/Domino for a few years, and that trend continued in 2015. As we’ve watched the Notes/Domino community shrink, we’ve moved some of the eggs in our basket so that we are well positioned to help our clients in the future. This planning, and a large development effort, resulted in one of our biggest successes for 2015, the release of DOCOVA SE, our  SQL Edition.  SE is now live in production at multiple client sites.

For some companies, reducing the risk of having critical documents and applications on one platform  would be considered a major achievement, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 2015 has been busy, and we’ve got a lot to show for it.

  • DOCOVA SE 1.0 was released in the first quarter of 2015, and was followed up by V1.1 in the third quarter. v1.1 includes support for multiple languages.
  • We completed the first installations of DOCOVA SE in the third and fourth quarters. More installations are scheduled for 2016.
  • We migrated several of our DOCOVA for Domino customers to DOCOVA SE.
  • We added to our migration tools lineup, adding the DOCOVA for Domino to DOCOVA SE migrator, as well as an IBM Quickr to DOCOVA migrator.
  • In the fourth quarter we released DOCOVA 4.5. A standards based, zero-footprint install, cross-browser supported version. Same great features, but now you can run it on almost anything.
  • Also in the fourth quarter we released DOCOVA 4.5.1 which added functionality to better support customers that wanted to migrate from Quickr to DOCOVA.
  • Starting with DOCOVA 4.5, we released the DOCOVA Public File Access module. This allows users to make files available, in a controlled way, for download by users outside of DOCOVA.
  • We released DOCOVA FileJockey, which enables access to DOCOVA via WebDav. Users can now work with files directly in Windows Explorer without having to load the DOCOVA interface if they choose.
  • We added new DOCOVA business partners: Bradock Consulting (Australia), Lialis (Netherlands) and Resemble Systems (India)
    … and we started development of DOCOVA 5.0

For us, 2015 was a turning point. We’re very excited about the future of DOCOVA!

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