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DOCOVA Partner Event at Lotusphere/Connect 2013

This year we will be having a partner event on Tuesday January 29 at the Attic, the secret room located at the end of the boardwalk just above Jellyroll – the dualing piano bar.


As usual we will be on the showcase floor  (supporting our Cloud partner Prominic at booth C47) but the Attic provides a completely different atmosphere.

The idea of a separate venue is twofold.  Over the lunch hour we will be having our annual DOCOVA Partner Round Table event.  From 1 pm to 4 pm is an open session where we will be providing product demonstrations and talking to customers.

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For the Record…

Today we welcome guest blogger Daniel Lieber, President of Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc (IIUI). IIUI is a DOCOVA business partner, and developer of IIUI Records Manager Express, a fully-featured records management application that exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense 5015.02 certification requirements.

Records Management, Compliance, Governance, Risk Management, and several other terms are used to describe to know when content is no longer necessary to keep in its primary repository. The purpose of having records management boils down to this: 1) Knowing what you have, 2) Knowing where it is, 3) Knowing when it is no longer necessary to retain. If content exists, it is discoverable and should be known.

There are many different discussions on “What is a record?” and “Is records management actually an important imperative for organizations?” Without rehashing all of the various discussions, the most common definition for a record is generally “information used to make a business decision.” This is intentionally broad and does not get into the subsequent classification of types of records. From here, records can get classified and retentions applied. Some retention periods are short, e.g. 30 days after last use, and some are long, e.g. 75 years after a facility is opened. A few records are even “permanent.”

This begs the question, “isn’t this really just archiving?” The answer is simple: No.

Records management is much more than archiving. It is an integral part of a business process which includes valuing information based upon its content and taking action based upon realistic events. Most often, records retention schedules have timers based upon real-world events that are independent of the systematic events computers are inherently used to processing. The act of receiving a message is not usually important and thus having a timer based upon that fact alone is not often significant. The act of reading and/or processing a message based upon its meaning is much more relevant. Let’s take a look at an engineering drawing about a utility building. The drawing may have been completed on Sept. 21, 2008, and approved Feb. 21, 2009 for a building that was opened Jan. 15, 2012. The document was added to DOCOVA on June 30, 2010. Should the retention period be started in 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2012? The systematic date has the least relevance and the most relevant date in this case is likely the building opening date if the retention rule is based upon “retain for 75 years after a facility is opened.”

A good records management solution like Records Manager Express can handle this process with ease, managing much of the records management requirements and rules for workers (and enabling them to focus on their tasks, not record retention rules).

Having effective records management is important to any content management project. We can help you with determining appropriate records management practices and methodologies in your organization even if records schedules are outdated or non-existent.

Are your records management practices consistent? Discuss below!

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NL Partner Tour Wrap UP

Back in Canada after my swing through Europe. It all started with the annual BLUG event in Antwerp. The BLUG was followed by partner sessions near Rotterdam, and ended off with a customer round led by Silverside in Apeldoorn, NL. The round table participants were Dutch, and I found it very cool to sit through a slide presentation where the only word I understood happened to be our product name.

Throughout the entire trip the word “social” was a common theme. Social tools are great, but getting out of the office and meeting people face to face is in my opinion the best social tool at our disposal. Europe is different from North America and the UK. The cultural differences are often not respected when the dialog is reduced to text. A conversation over a Duvel bears more fruit than one that has a 140 character limit.

Reflecting on the past week I realized just how polarized the IT sector is becoming. Apple vs PC, Android vs iOS, Portal vs Sharepoint….the list goes on and on. Effy Shkuri and I were driving back to Amsterdam and he made the comment that people used to complete a business case first, then select the technology. More and more it seems that the process has reversed.

I have adjusted my DOCOVA demonstration style to take this into account. I run Windows on a Mac Powerbook, show integration with an iPad, and often demo the DOCOVA features and functions within the context of Sharepoint.

The Lotus partner community is following a similar path. For years IBM partners focusing on Notes/Domino flourished. The product was affordable, ran on every platform imaginable and could be used to solve a wide variety of business issues. It found its way into businesses large and small. Now, with the Lotus product name carrying so much weight in the buying process IBM partners who used to focus on Lotus are realigning themselves to offer IBM Connections, Sharepoint, and other solutions. That means a lot of investment at a time when revenues are dropping. Not something for the faint of heart.

DOCOVA is addressing this issue for Lotus customers and Business Partners. Don’t get us wrong, we support Lotus technology – but we’ve been able to completely removed the word “Lotus” from the discussion. Our partners are able to focus on the business issues and hopefully not get caught up on a discussion of what technology the product runs on.

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