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New Features Added for Former Quickr Customers

We have been doing Quickr migration projects for a few years now.  One of our early projects involved the migration of more than 400 Quickr places and the support for more than 4500 users.   Based on the needs of that customer, we added several features to DOCOVA such as:

  • The ability to register users to a library when they are not in the corporate directory
  • The ability to notify users when new content is added to DOCOVA
  • WebDAV support so users could interact with DOCOVA from Windows Explorer
  • Public File Access so files could be shared with third parties who do not have DOCOVA
  • And much more…..

One year later, we are at it again.  The next version of DOCOVA will incorporate several new changes, including:

  • The ability to view, edit or rename a file attachment directly from a folder view by clicking an icon
  • The ability to import a folder structure and files directly from the browser folder control
  • Drag and drop from any recognized drag source directly to the browser folder control (eg: email, windows explorer, etc)
  • And much more.

Stay tuned for more enhancements.  To see DOCOVA in action check out our November 22, 2016 DOCOVA Webinar.

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IBM Extends Support for Notes V9.0.1 to 2021

The announcement IBM indicated was coming in September came.   It confirms that IBM will be extending support for the current version of Notes until “at least” 2021.  It also mentions that new features will be delivered as fix packs rather than new versions.  Some blogs have suggested that IBM is embarking on a continuous delivery model for features, which in my opinion is a good thing.  It would have been nice for them to include that in their announcement, so customers and partners are not reading between the lines and filling in their own opinions.

Although this announcement is positive on the surface, Notes & Domino have been supported for the last three years, since 9.01 was released, and customers and partners have pretty vocal that a voice on the end of the phone is not enough.

If you want to come up to speed on the reaction to the announcement I suggest you find your way to Planet Lotus.  That is a blog aggregate that focuses on the Notes & Domino community. A partner perspective I liked can be found at Red Pill Now’s Blog.  A customer/developer perspective I found interesting came from David Leedy.  If you are looking for a more positive spin on things I suggest you check out Bill Malchiski’s blog.

The general feel I get is that IBM is serious about fixing the barn door but they do not articulate very well how they are going to do that.  In my opinion the real problem has to do with the horses.


IBM Notes and Domino V9 Extends Support


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IBM Announces a Change is Coming to the Notes & Domino Life Cycle Policy

IBM recently posted this announcement.


This is really an announcement that there will be an announcement.  Lets take a guess at what could be coming.

The lifecycle policy defines the length of time that a product is supported following its release.  For IBM Notes it is classified as Enhanced, or 5 + 3.  The product will be supported for 5 years since the date it was released, with 3 more years  optional if a customer pays for support.   Notes 9.01 was released in April of 2013, so the end of support would be in April of 2018.

Initially my prediction was that in September IBM will change that policy to extend the time that Notes is supported from 5 to something like 7 years or more.   I thought that the reason 9.0.2 was not released was because it would require that IBM support it for at least another 5 years, and they did not want to do that.

After attending MWLUG, and talking to others in the community, I am not sure that is the case.  The lifecycle policy does not kick in for a point release, something like a 9.0.2.  It would for a major new release, like version 10, but not for a point release.  That being said, apparently there is a QA and documentation process that is part of a point release, and that costs money.  It appears to me and others I talked to that IBM is putting features into the fix packs to avoid having to absorb the costs related to a point release.

In the per-announcement above they talk about their continued commitment to Notes & Domino, referencing to new features and the release of Verse on-premises.   Verse uses the Domino server, and in my opinion is a replacement for iNotes, their Domino web based mail client.   If IBM sees the need to provide an alternative for Notes email it suggests to me that the intent is to retire the Notes client in the near future.

It could be they extend the lifecycle for Notes beyond the Enhanced 5 & 3 model to calm customers who are currently running 9.0.1, or that they change the nomenclature around releases and Fix Packs to be more in line with the cloud, or they take it a step further and announce that Notes is withdrawn as a SKU.

Our DOCOVA product can be looked at as a replacement for the Notes client when it comes to applications, so I expect to be criticized as stirring the pot.  Please keep in mind that at DLI our roots are in Notes & Domino.  We only created a SQL version because we were forced to because of a decaying market.  I think the Domino technology is still heads and shoulders above many of the alternatives.  I would like nothing more than to be part of a vibrant community selling Notes & Domino solutions.

September is just around the corner, so we will not have long to wait.