Welcome to the DOCOVA Site!

We have redirected you from the dlitools.com website to inform you of important changes to our product offerings.

Over the last few years our organization has been focusing more on our document management and application platform.  Like many of you, we have leveraged the features and flexibility of the Uploader and thingFactory components to create a powerful and compelling web solution.  That product is DOCOVA.

To allow us to continue to focus on DOCOVA we are at this time announcing that we are ending the sales and support of thingFactory, Uploader and UploaderPro as individual products .  We will only be supporting these products moving forward in the context of DOCOVA.  In other words, you must license DOCOVA in order to be able to continue to receive support for these products within your custom applications.

If you have just renewed your support or were about to do not worry.  To help our active Uploader, Uploader Pro and thingFactory customers with the transition we are providing the DOCOVA Workgroup for Domino edition for free up until March 1st, 2015!

Read more about this great offer:  Tell Me More