UploaderJapWe are pleased to announce that DOCOVA V4.2 is shipping in November. Some of the new features include:

•Implementation of the International Version of the DOCOVA File Upload control. We can now  support double-byte characters in the file names (eg: Chinese & Japanese ).

•Ability for users to save their search queries.

•Changes to the Confidential DocType to allow automatic conversion to pdf and locking of a wide variety of file types including AutoCAD.

•More dashboard widgets.

Support for double-byte characters is a huge step forward in making DOCOVA multi lingual. A tremendous amount of effort went into providing the File Attachment Manager the ability to accept files with Chinese, Japanese and other double-byte characters in the file name. We still have work to do to incorporate these into the folder control for folder and sub folder names, but that work is in progress.

Partners and customers are encouraged to sign up for one of the DOCOVA V4.2 overview sessions in November for a detailed overview of this important new release.

Click the appropriate link below to register for the webinar.

Customer Webinar page

Partner Webinar page