Whether it’s Invoice Tracking, Capital Expense Management or Policies and Procedures, information is always wrapped within the context of the software applications that are used to run the day-to-day business activities of any organization.

Create Business Applications

Rapidly build browser based applications using DOCOVA’s App Builder™ a fully integrated, browser based development interface.  DOCOVA applications make your business more efficient and help your organization to automate tasks, improve productivity and create efficient workflow orchestration through a simple, browser-based drag and drop experience.

You can create applications with no coding.  But don’t let the App Builder’s intuitive interface fool you.  It is a powerful solution that helps companies build business applications end-to-end.  It’s not just a form builder.  App Builder provides powerful constructs such as layouts, forms, data views and menus, and deeper functionality like access control, hide whens, computed fields and much more.

Additionally, the App Builder integrates with DOCOVA’s JSON based API and DOCOVAScript, as well as open-source development tools like Font Awesome and jQuery.

Taken together, the App Builder’s flexibility allows organizations to create almost anything they can image.
– NO MORE “catch-all” off-the-shelf vertical solutions that have features you’ll never use.
– NO MORE trying to ultimately integrate disparate applications.


The DOCOVA application programming interface (API) is a JSON based set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools to assist in building DOCOVA applications.  The DOCOVA API makes it easier for developers to rapidly create sophisticated solutions using the API building blocks.  The API is completely browser-based and leveraged through JavaScript, and provides an easy to use object model with both front and back-end functionality.


DOCOVAScript is a scripting language that can be used in DOCOVA applications to rapidly perform calculations, simple logic and actions in the browser user interface.  It is similar to the functionality of IBM Notes @formula language except using JavaScript.  Developers with knowledge of Notes application development will easily adopt DOCOVAScript.

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