Communicate, Collaborate, Co-ordinate

DOCOVA’s collaborative platform provides a comprehensive integrated suite of features designed with today’s workforce and business requirements in mind.

DOCOVA allows you to seamlessly engage with customers, partners and colleagues through a single intuitive, multilingual, comprehensive and cost-effective interface that adjusts to the User and their device.

Help your business succeed today by giving your organization a collaborative software solution that allows you to consolidate applications into one easy-to-use platform.  Deploy your information across departments, divisions and operating companies, and allow secure collaboration with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Increase business effectiveness and efficiency, reduce IT cost and complexity and integrate with a variety of third party applications.

DOCOVA can help any SMB, Mid-Market or Enterprise company to better communicate, collaborate and coordinate through:

Improving efficiency and reducing costs by getting control of “content chaos”.

Enabling collaboration, optimizing business processes and project coordination.

Achieving compliance and mitigating risks inflicted by increased industry regulation and litigation.

Improving customer service and generating faster response/turnaround.

Gaining competitive advantage.

Consolidating existing systems and bringing “front office” and “back office” systems together.

Providing universal access to vital information, at the office, at home or on-the-move.