Mobile Content Management

Access to your essential corporate information couldn’t be easier!  As your organization creates and deploys your vital DOCOVA built applications, all of the content is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere.  With DOCOVA, you can leverage the applications you build using DOCOVA’s rapid application development environment and easily turn your browser based applications into mobile applications.

DOCOVA mobile applications can be leveraged via mobile browsers or with DOCOVA’s Mobile Client application, a hybrid application interface for iOS and Android devices.

Access Any Content Type

It doesn’t matter what the content type is, from documents, forms and files DOCOVA can deliver.  In fact, even if that data exists on other systems like your ERP system, DOCOVA’s mobile solution serves as your window onto those systems.  Imagine.  If you don’t have a mobile solution for other systems at your organization, leverage your investment in DOCOVA and rapidly create and deploy information from those systems on DOCOVA Mobile.

Create, Edit, View and Delete

When your apps go mobile, users can create new documents, forms and files.  What’s more, users can edit the content and delete it if they have the access to do so.  Whatever your device, a smartphone or tablet you can leverage it to fully interact with your company content.

Business Process Workflow

In addition to DOCOVA’s ability to create, edit and delete content, mobile users can also interact with the business process workflows that might be wrapped around that content.  Approve, review or decline content at your fingertips.  Don’t hold up business processes just because you’re on the move!  Or, kick off an item for approvals.  It’s fast and simple and even integrated simultaneously with your email on your mobile device, tablet, notebook or desktop.  No matter what device you happen to be using, while retrieving your email, you will be properly linked to the content based on the device you are using.

Access Control

All content is securely controlled, users only see what they’re authorized to view.  You no longer have to be concerned with unauthorized users accessing data!