DOCOVA is a low-code application development platform intended for developing and deploying enterprise browser-based applications, that can run on-premises or in the cloud and integrate with other platforms like Office 365 and Sharepoint.

Departments and companies of every size need to create, manage and share their information through software applications.  Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM/EIM) solutions are expensive to buy, implement and maintain.  Custom and in-house application development with these legacy systems is time consuming, resource intensive and costly.

Automate Business Processes Faster

Traditional application development and delivery can’t meet the requirements of today’s fast-moving digital businesses.  DOCOVA provides one platform with one web application development environment to help you automate business processes and tasks like approvals with easy-to-build workflows, across multiple devices.

Connect Your Entire Enterprise

Leverage the value of all your enterprise-wide systems and data by integrating process workflows between people-to-people, people-to-system and system-to-system interactions.

Deliver Modern User Experiences

Support your mobile workforce.  All users have one familiar and engaging way to use applications across multiple devices with a consumer-grade experience that drive productivity.

Integrate with other systems (ERM, HR) to fill the gaps between systems and make the user experience finally feel like it’s really end-to-end and not just a collection of independent systems.

Endless Departmental Use Cases

Meet the demand of application requirements for any department across your organization and integrate them together to break down information barriers.  Whether it’s HR employee self service solutions, Customer Service, CRM, Invoice Tracking, Quality Management or Policies and Procedures, the use-cases for DOCOVA applications is endless.

Increase ROI with Every New App

Helps you get to market faster, create new revenue streams, optimize operations and provide exceptional user and customer experiences.

Universal components, platform services, APIs, integrations, and mainstream web technologies can be used and reused again and again to deliver incremental value with each new application you develop.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) or On Premises

Whether you prefer to run DOCOVA on your internal infrastructure or take advantage of DOCOVA’s high-availability, elevated security, subscription-based cloud, the choice is yours.

Watch the DOCOVA Overview. ( 2 min)

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