DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™:  MIGRATE Phase

The MIGRATE phase of the DOCOVA® Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™ is where the Notes applications are migrated to DOCOVA applications.

Using the sophisticated and integrated DOCOVA App Importer™ companies migrate and modernize the user interface, business logic, security, database schema and application data of all their Notes applications to DOCOVA.

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  • No application process re-engineering

  • D.I.Y – Migrate applications yourself with the DOCOVA App Importer™

  • Migrates user interface (Forms, Views, Outlines…)

  • Migrates business logic (LotusScript, @Formula/@Command)

  • Migrates security

  • Migrates database schema automatically (no table creation and relationship mapping required)

  • Migrates all application data (documents/records, data, meta-data, attachments)


  • Migrated applications

Tools Used

  • DOCOVA App Importer™

  • DOCOVA Analyzer™

  • DOCOVA App Builder™

Migrating Notes Apps Overview (1 min)

Next Steps

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