You’re ready to migrate off of the IBM Notes and Domino platform but you know you need more than time and budget. You need a plan!

Many companies have hundreds, even thousands of custom Lotus Notes applications that they need to migrate and many of these applications are not trivial.

The IBM Notes and Domino environment was very powerful and is often underestimated when it comes to migrations.  As a result, many migration attempts fail or are fraught with compromises.

How long will it take? How much will it cost?  What will the impact be on staff and the I.T. team? What are your options?

Most existing solutions are simply unacceptable and all too often significant concessions are made that are operationally inadequate for an organization moving forward.

DOCOVA’s Phased Migration

DOCOVA’s unique phased migration employs a controlled and organized approach that allows companies to better manage their money, resources and timeline.  It is designed to help Managers show results fast while smoothly transitioning your staff and  I.T. team.

DOCOVA App Importer

At the heart of DOCOVA migrations is the App Importer.  With App Importer you can import your Notes application design elements, business logic and data.  This is not a “face-lift”.  We do not use Xpages.  The design elements and data are moved into a new DOCOVA application.  This is an application transformation.

From forms and views to outlines and agents the App Importer will help get you there fast.

@Formula language is converted to DOCOVA’s DOCOVAScript allowing your existing code to continue to function.  If you like using @Formula’s, you’ll love DOCOVAScript.

DOCOVA’s front and back-end APIs, object structures and security model provide powerful synergies with the Notes and Domino model and is a major part of why migrating to DOCOVA makes sense. From UIView.Responses and UIWorkspace.CurrentDocument to Authors and Readers…we have what is needed to migrate your code.

Check out the video on the top right to see a Notes application migrated to DOCOVA.

The result is a modernized, fully browser based rendition of your applications running on the DOCOVA platform.

Moving Forward with the DOCOVA Platform

With DOCOVA, it’s not just about migrating applications, it’s about moving forward.

The DOCOVA Document Management Platform helps companies to manage, modify and deploy migrated applications across their entire organization while providing the ability to rapidly build new business applications and integrate them with other systems.

The Workspace

Allows staff to manage their applications and information within a responsive slider style Workspace.


Allows admins to manage system preferences, security and organization wide deployments.

DOCOVA App Builder

Allows developers to modify migrated apps, rapidly build new apps and integrate them with other systems.

Migrating Notes Apps Overview (1 min)

Migrating Notes Apps Demo  (6.5 mins)

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