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The Real Deal : Installing panagenda’s ApplicationInsights

Our DOCOVA Analyzer tool was not designed to help customers triage their inventory of Notes applications down to a final list, rather it was built to provide us with the information we need to provide budgetary estimates for the actual migration. We were well aware that there are several utilities on the market that provide this type of functionality, and we have chosen to partner with panagenda and their ApplicationInsights solution to bring our customers a ‘best of breed’ solution that encompasses both the planning and execution of their Notes/Domino migration project.

As part of the partnering process, we installed and configured the product to report on our own internal Domino servers. An ApplicationInsights setup guide is available, which I found helpful to read through prior to my meeting with a very knowledgeable technical resource from panagenda, who assisted me through the installation.

ApplicationInsights runs on a virtual appliance. The install is a virtual machine image file consisting of a pre-configured operating system environment and a single application. They chose a virtual appliance installation to simplify delivery and operation of the application.

The installation is pretty straightforward, however there are a number of steps involved. This is not a process for a non-IT person. You will need a Notes ID with full access to the server, a place to install the virtual appliance, etc.

Data collection….wait for it

Once ApplicationInsights is installed and configured, it will start collecting data. That means that, if you were hoping to load it up and see usage stats from the last year, you won’t.  With this in mind, if you are considering using ApplicationInsights, you should get started sooner rather than later. Even if you are not sure you want to purchase ApplicationInsights, why not install the free trial now and start collecting data? If you then decide to purchase, you will already have data available

Data presentation

Once you have some data to work with, the presentation is second to none. The charts and graphs and general presentation is excellent. It may take you a little bit to get the hang of it, so that you can find out what you want, but you can be assured the data you want is there. Now you need a plan of what to do with it!

Find out how DOCOVA can help you plan your Lotus Notes migration.

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DOCOVA Partners with panagenda

We are excited to announce that we have reached a partner agreement with panagenda for their ApplicationInsights Notes database analysis solution. This will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal being able to offer our customers the most comprehensive and sound end-to-end Notes migration offering on the planet.

In many cases, customers who want to migrate off the Notes and Domino platform are not ready for us.  The reality is that often they do not know what they need to migrate. In some cases, they are not exactly sure which Notes apps are being used, who is using them, and how often.

While we have the DOCOVA Analyzer tool, it is not designed to help customers triage their inventory of Notes applications down to a final list.  Instead it provides us with the information we need to provide budgetary estimates for the actual migration.  Many customers have yet to do the environmental analysis to determine what needs to be migrated. For this reason we have gone looking for a tool that can do the environmental analysis, and we have settled on ApplicationInsights from panagenda. AI will allow us to help customers easily identify high value targets and allow us to migrate those targets efficiently and effectively and at the same time provide progressive project feedback.

Check out this technical review from one of our senior developers, David Wice, who has been through the ApplicationInsights partner enablement.

We see ApplicationInsights as one of the key tools that fits into the Analysis and Planning Phases of our DOCOVA Migration Methodology

To learn more, register for one of our  joint DOCOVA panagenda webinars.  We will be demonstrating how ApplicationInsights can help you determine what needs to be migrated, and demonstrate a live custom Notes app migration using DOCOVA.


The Devil is in the Details – Migrating Notes Rich Text

Migration projects in general are challenging, regardless of the technologies involved. Notes app migration projects are especially tough to deliver, which is why many customers have migrated their Notes based email systems but still have the Domino platform running to support their Notes business applications.

When planning a Notes application migration project, a topic that always comes up is rich text.  Many Notes applications use rich text fields to capture rich content like images, doclinks, and formatted text with attributes like font size, color, bold and italics. Moving that text to an application running on a different platform can be a challenge. Maintaining the data fidelity during migration is paramount.

DOCOVA was originally released as a Domino application and was ported to SQL soon after due to market conditions. Since we understood the nuances of rich text in Notes applications, we were able to build a migrator that moves the data and design from Domino to SQL.  Our migrator is extremely robust and knows how to handle Notes rich text fields.

If your goal is to eliminate the Notes client and browser enable your Notes apps, then you can continue to run DOCOVA on Domino.  In this case the rich text is taken care of by the Domino server for viewing via a browser client.   Here is a clip (3 min 58 sec) that describes the process.

If you are running DOCOVA on SQL the rich text conversion is taken care of by the DOCOVA SE Migrator. The fidelity is very good,  and for organizations moving off of the Notes/Domino platform it is a huge time saver.

Below is a video clip (2 min 36 sec) showing the process of migrating rich text to DOCOVA on Microsoft SQL Server.  The process to migrate the design of the application is the same, but the migration of the data and the conversion of rich text is different.

Doclinks in rich text fields can be particularly challenging.

Obviously when you migrate from Notes and Domino to SQL the address for any doclinks need to be updated.  Notes had database links, document links, view links and even links within an document.  Stay tuned for the next installment of the “Devil is in the Details” where we talk about how DOCOVA migrates rich text content with doclinks.


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