What is DOCOVA?

DOCOVA is a Business Application Delivery Platform

DOCOVA is a no-code/low-code software platform that lets you visually develop, manage and use enterprise-grade business applications fast, in a browser, without coding, across desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces.

For more sophisticated applications DOCOVA provides an easy-to-use scripting language (DOCOVAScript™) and a full API. DOCOVA provides the application assembly environment so business users can easily prototype, build and scale applications without the need to deal with the complex infrastructure behind them.

Both pro-developers (IT) and non-developers (Citizen Developers) can use DOCOVA to rapidly build business applications with customized workflows and functionality.  The result is an high-productivity development environment designed for IT and line-of-business users.

DOCOVA has grown out of two decades of experience in developing hundreds of custom business applications for our customers, both on-premises and in the cloud.

You can integrate DOCOVA with other existing systems and easily deploy your apps on premises or in the cloud.