DOCOVA QMS – Spend Less on Calibrations

“How Companies Can Spend Less While Keeping Their Calibrations on Track”.  In a competitive landscape where companies are trying to squeeze efficiencies out of their processes, and shave margins off their product sales, most operations are spending 40-60% more than is warranted on tool calibration.

DOCOVA QMS – Designing Documents in an Electronic DMS

In fast-paced, lean environments of most of today’s global manufacturing organizations, demand for real-time access to current, accurate and up-to-date information is a necessity.  Learn to solve some of the issues surrounding Quality Management information in a DMS solution.

DOCOVA QMS – Seven Steps to a Successful CAPA System

When companies capitalize on CAPA processes, they typically see vast improvements in process performance.  An effective CAPA system plays a key factor in regards to compliance with regulations and standards like ISO and FDA.  It is vital in achieving good product quality.

The Document and Content Management Decision Matrix

Over 60%* of organizations are dealing with ‘Content Chaos’ – Documents and Content that have grown out of control & require prompt attention. The Document and Content Management Decision Matrix is your complementary guide to navigate the broad ‘Document Sharing, Collaboration and Management’ universe. Full of examples, the Decision Matrix guide will direct you towards the most appropriate solution area based on your needs and requirements. * – AIIM State of the market report, 2010.

Beyond the Easy Button

It’s implied going “to the cloud” takes you to a magical place where everything just works and problems don’t exist. The reality is that moving to “the cloud” needs to be thoroughly planned out involving both business and IT groups. Don’t be fooled that doing nothing is a strategy. As cloud technologies (and others) evolve, the question isn’t “if you should use the cloud”, but “how” and “with whom.”

More Than a Unique Password

Making the jump to the Cloud? As an IT professional, isn’t there something a little bit unsettling with putting all (or some) of your corporate information into something that conjures up the feeling of “soft, fluffy, and penetrable”? This whitepaper provides in-depth perspective on five (5) security layers designed to keep your content safe and secure.

Notes 2 Net

If your organization is; Migrating off of Domino Document Manager; Moving legacy Lotus Notes applications into a modern Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 environment; Leaving the Lotus Notes and Domino platform. Leveraging DOCOVA ECM as your Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 application framework will help you save time, money, lower your migration risks and enable you to plan for a future without Domino, with no backend vendor lock-in.

Can Quickr Replace Domino.doc?

Explore the various Domino.doc migration options (Lotus Quickr, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager and Lotus Domino-based solutions) for a thorough understanding of the potential benefits and hidden pitfalls associated with each option. A must read for anyone involved in a Domino Document Manager migration project.

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